Code of Ethics

We want that all employees and collaborators of Polnord Group act upon the same ethical standards. Therefore, we have developed the Code of Ethics, in which we described the values we follow every day, which indicate the proper manner of conduct towards clients, business partners, shareholders, local communities and co-workers:

    - We care for the good name of our company and for the highest standards of customer service. We offer products and services of the highest quality. We avoid any conflicts of interest.

    - We build our credibility on social and employee trust, thanks to intense internal and external communication. We are transparent, we provide access to necessary information regarding the functioning of the Company. We resolve all conflicts and misunderstandings based on a dialogue.

    - We build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relations with clients, based on the principles of respect for human dignity and equal treatment. We are guided by equal, transparent rules of conduct towards clients, bearing in mind the high quality and effectiveness of undertaken activities.

    We believe that applying the Code standards and promoting the values expressed in it among our employees, collaborators and business partners will be conducive to building trust, both in the internal and external relations of the Company.
  • POLNORD SA (joint stock company)
  • 02-972 Warszawa, ul. Adama Branickiego 15
  • KRS (number of entry into the National Court Register): 0000041271
  • NIP (Tax Identification Number): 583-000-67-67
  • REGON (statistical number): 000742457
  • Registered share capital of:
  • PLN 195,086,254 (paid in full)
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