Corporate Social Responsibility

Development companies significantly influence the shape of our closest environment. Therefore, we believe that Polnord has a special mission in the field of conducting a socially committed business policy. For many years we have been involved in various projects, not directly related to our core business, because we feel responsible not only for the investments we carry out, but also for the space in which we operate.

Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will take into account broadly understood interests of various communities (local associations, non-governmental organizations, groups of residents and institutions of culture, sport and science) in the Company's development strategy. Building trust is a long-lasting process, which is why we are constantly and actively conducting activities that benefit various communities. Below you will find examples of our CSR activities.

Selected examples of CSR activities by Polnord Group:   


Bike suits: with a reflective band on the shoulder

Cycling is a pleasure, but the consequences of even harmless-looking bicycle accidents can be very bad. It is worth remembering to maintain safety and driving culture. One of the key issues as regards safety is the good visibility of the cyclist on the road. There should be reflective elements on the bike and in the wardrobe items. Polnord, which became the promoter of Safe Driving, will take care this year of the good visibility of the participants in the discussion-and-knowledge-sharing campaign. Thanks to the developer, people taking part in the cycling ride will get on the road in vests and with reflective bands.

We are building a road for the Wilanów district

Together with the Wilanów District Office we signed a contract for the construction of a fragment of Adama Branickiego street near the Asseco building and  Ledóchowska street. Works will start this year. Under the agreement, the southern part of  Branickiego street on the section to the crossing with Ledóchowska street will gain a road, pavements, a bicycle path, lighting and dehydration. There will also be new green plantings. After completing the road, it will be transferred next year, for administration, to the Municipal Roads Authority.


Winter Wilanów

In the winter season of 2018/2019 as well as the previous one, we financed the "Winter Wilanów" project. For 4 weeks, residents of Wilanów could use the tobogganing hill, which was created especially for them in the vicinity of the Town Hall. The annual event was very popular with the residents. We are very happy and thank you for having fun together!

Wilanów Days

The weekend of September 8-9, 2018, as in the previous year - we became the official partner of Wilanów Days. This is an annual event organized by the Wilanów District Hall for all residents. The event took place near Royal Wilanów and the beach of Wilanów. A lot of attractions awaited the participants, including, among others fitness training with Ewa Chodakowska, family and sports picnic, star concerts, historical staging and the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Royal Running Festival. People taking part in the event could also visit the Polnord booth and get acquainted with the current housing offer.


Great Championship

The Polnord team took first place during the Capital Championship 2018 event organized as part of the 6th Capital Market Competition - the largest sports event integrating the decision makers of the financial sector. The teams that also stood on the podium: PKO BP (second place) and Cyfrowy Polsat (third place). 


Run to the Mound of the Warsaw Uprising

In the Run to the Mound of the Warsaw Uprising, kilometers do not count as well as time! There are no winners or losers! The goal is important - to commemorate the heroes of the Uprising! Polnord - your developer joined the group of Strategic Partners of the Run to the Mound of the Warsaw Uprising



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