Polnord Capital Group's Strategy

The Strategy


Polnord Capital Group’s Strategy for 2016-2019 

According to the adopted document, the strategic objective is to increase the value of the Polnord Capital Group.

 The objective will be achieved primarily through:

1)    increasing profitability of the business, obtained on the basis of launching new development investments on the market, at the level of profitability of not lower than net 18%,

2)    concentrating the operations in large cities (Warsaw and Tricity),

3)    reducing debt, in a rational way, and, ultimately, reducing the costs of external debt service.

 The Strategy aims at generating in 2019 revenues at a level exceeding PLN 500 million, and annual sale of premises, weighted with Polnord’s share, in the amount of not less than 1,500 units annually (1,054 units in 2015), whereas the Strategy shall not be read as the projection of the Company's results in 2019.

 The Company also intends to return to paying dividends since 2018.

The Strategy indicates the objective which will determine the actions to be taken by the Management Board in the next 3 years, and presents instruments for its implementation.

 The Management Board of Polnord will be conducting the ongoing analysis of the market environment and in the case of significant changes in macroeconomic conditions, it allows for the update of the Strategy.


  • POLNORD SA (joint stock company)
  • 02-972 Warszawa, ul. Adama Branickiego 15
  • KRS (number of entry into the National Court Register): 0000041271
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  • REGON (statistical number): 000742457
  • Registered share capital of:
  • PLN 195,086,254 (paid in full)
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